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Organic Farm

Ingredients grown here for your fine dining Puerto Vallarta experience

Sprung out of a desire to provide the guests with the healthiest, freshest gourmet food, Villa Azalea is the only hotel in the region with an organic farm. Enjoy great healthy meals with vegetables and fruits that come directly from a sustainable soil and the latest organic farming procedures so that you can enjoy the best foods on your plate.

Villa Azalea offers you in every meal an inspiring experience that can go to the extent to invite you to pick up your own vegetables and fruits from our organic farm and tell the chef how you want them prepared for the best fine dining Puerto Vallarta you'll have!

Thanks to the organic farm of our small luxury hotel, with us, you will not only enjoy the most delicious meals, but also take care of your health and discover the refreshing art of growing your own food. You can also enjoy the amazingly beautiful landscapes while you are savoring your healthy fine dining Puerto Vallarta and living a unique and magnificent experience.

Fine Dining Puerto Vallarta in Villa Azalea, our small luxury hotel committed with your health!

USA & Canada: 1 800 419 0470
Desde Mexico: 1 800 262 6224
Tel. Local: 01 664 231 3363
Celular: 998 734 7457

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