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Attractions Nearby

Come to Villa Azalea to enjoy the Mexican Riviera at its best. This is the perfect romantic gateway in Mexico that will provide you with a wide selection of attractions in your Puerto Vallarta holidays. Here, your vacation will be simply unforgettable, from strolling on the cobblestone streets of Downtown Puerto Vallarta to whale watching, you will find it all in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings! Most of the local attractions are no more than 45 minutes from Villa Azalea. El Tuito is located just 8 miles south of the hotel, A tiny town established in the 16th century. A place with a traditional main square and colonial architecture that offers orange and yellow houses, as well as a temple with beautiful frescos, and small restaurants serving local dishes.

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens, a nonprofit institution, is another place nearby, halfway between Downtown Puerto Vallarta and Villa Azalea, at 1300 feet above sea level, right in the Sierra Madre Mountains. It features hundreds of different species of plants situated on 20 acres of fertile land. During your Puerto Vallarta holidays you must visit this botanical garden, where you will not only admire the wide array of plants and flowers, but also the magnificent views of the region. If you want to work on your tan and enjoy water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, boat rides and feeling the sea breeze in your face, just drive 10 minutes north and you will find the sandy beaches of the Pacific coast. For other water sports like scuba diving or deep sea fishing, you only need to travel to Downtown Puerto Vallarta, 25 minutes away from Villa Azalea.

Once in the colonial town of Puerto Vallarta, you can take advantage of many of the attractions, and probably one of them most attractive one is the town itself: a quaint colonial town founded in 1851. A place that is perfect for a couples oriented vacation in Mexico. Whether you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, boat riding, parasailing, windsurfing or surfing, the golden sandy beaches of the Mexican Riviera are ideal to do them all. In your next stay at Villa Azalea, don't miss the chance to get to the most popular beaches of the destination such as Playa Camarones, Playa Olas Altas, Playa Los Muertos and Playa Boca de Tomates.

A must visit in your Puerto Vallarta holidays is a trip to El Malecon or boardwalk, where in the afternoon and at nights many locals and tourists alike gather to admire the magnificent sunsets. Stroll along the area shop or look at the many local artists painting or sculpting on unique pieces of art. Eco friendly tours are also a popular activity such as whale watching (December through March), scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Land activities include horseback riding and bird watching. If you'd like to swing your club, the area has many magnificent golf courses; among the best areas you will find Vista Vallarta, El Tigre, Marina Vallarta or Fours Seasons. Dining in Puerto Vallarta is also a great opportunity to experience a wide selection of cuisines from all over the world, from small, simple Mexican cafes to expensive gourmet restaurants.