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House Tequila

The Best Puerto Vallarta Tequila

Most of the state of Jalisco is covered by volcanic soil, making it well suited for the cultivation of blue agave, the plant used for making Mexico's most famous liquor: tequila. And when visiting Villa Azalea, you will be at the center of the Puerto Vallarta tequila industry and enjoying the Villa´s own house tequila, Don Martin, Tequila del Patron, an artisan spirit grown and destilled locally.

When visiting our intimate, small luxury hotel you will have the opportunity of enjoying great Puerto Vallarta tequila from agaves grown here.

The agave was planted in the property, and after approximately seven years of intense care, it was finally harvested so that you can sip our house Puerto Vallarta tequila, Don Martin, Tequila del Patron, while dinning or having a drink in your stroll through the garden.