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Infants (<5 *)

Pet Lovers

Villas Azalea

'We love your pets !!!, they are more than welcome at Villa Azalea and you can bring up to two pets per room.

At the time of registration you will be asked to sign our Pets house rules, to present a few required documents and a security deposit for expenses that may be incurred for any damage or service derived from the permanence of your pet, you will receibe as a courtesy a roll of biodegradable bags for their waste.

We offer you special beds for them (subject to availability) and waterers, which can be requested at reception. You will also be assigned a Kennel designed for the comfort of your pet in the Doggy park

1. To present current immunization book
2. Current worming and tick vaccine control
3. To register and sign Pet house rules format and disclaimer
4.Guarantee damages deposit

Rules & Regulations:
To ensure an orderly and pleasant coexistance during your stay, we require you to read, sign and comply with the following pet policies:

1. All pets must be completely free of fleas and ticks, clean, well groomed and up to date with their vaccines and worming
2. Our housekeeping staff performs a daily inspection in each room, shoud they find any of the above mentioned insects, an extraordinary fumigation procedure should be applied on the room, which will entail in a $ 900 aditional charge, since the health and comfort of our guests and other pets is a priority at Villa Azalea.
3. Both in the hallways and public areas of Villa Azalea, pets must be accompanied and at all times, properly secured by a leash or collar by its owner.
4. The landlord must supervise at all times and never leave his pet alone in common areas and hallways
5. The master is the solely responsible for the cleaning of pet s waste and use plastic bags for toiletries in hallways and common areas.
6. Pet owners are responsible for any damage or injure caused by pets in bedding, chairs, towels, or private property of any guest or staff member.
7. Access for Pets to the pool or the restaurant, kitchen and dining room are not allowed.

There are veterinarians on call available at limited service hours.