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Privacy Policy

VILLA AZALEA is committed to providing exceptional service to all of our customers. We believe that we can engage in more relevant communications with you through the intelligent use of information. We understand that you may have questions about how we collect and use the information about you. Therefore, we have prepared this statement to inform you of our Privacy Policy.

We adhere to the following policies when handling personal or business information you share with us:

PRINCIPLE 1: We collect general information like names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. These sources generally come from the VILLA AZALEA Web site. We do this for the purpose of informing you about special promotions that run throughout the year and profiling our client base.

We may enhance this information with data from outside sources to facilitate more relevant, targeted communications as well as develop products and services that better suit our customers' needs. We also collect information about the behavior of visitors to our Web site for overall analysis and more targeted communications.

PRINCIPLE 2: We will use this information for VILLA AZALEA business purposes only. We do not disclose or sell any customer's information to any external organizations. We may however, work with our partners and use this information to introduce you to, on behalf of VILLA AZALEA, additional value-added services we feel may be of interest and are linked to our services in a direct way.

PRINCIPLE 3: We will not use mailing address information to send direct mail promotions to your home. We use this simply to identify regions where they may be heightened awareness or interest of our product. We may use e-mail addresses (when submitted to us by you) to mail you information about special offers or promotions we may have.

PRINCIPLE 4: All information, including credit card information that you provide to us over the Internet during the reservation process is encrypted for your protection. This encryption is designed to help prevent any unauthorized person from intercepting or reading any application information you send us.

At any time you may ask us to discontinue the use of the information you have provided us and request us to refrain from sending any further communications. Please give us your name as well as your address and specify which promotion you received and we will proceed to remove your name and address from all further.

You cant send email to Please give us your name and address and specify which promotion you received and we will proceed to remove your name and address from all further communications.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our Consumer Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

Villa Azalea Carretera Federal 200, Barra de Navidad Km 184. Zip code 48400. Jalisco, México